Raving Fans

Nick with some happy kids

“This was the best fundraiser ever. And our best year yet! All the teachers loved the Apex program, and the parents loved this year more because it was so easy. We are so happy with how everything turned out! We are definitely rebooking with Apex for next year!”

Kandice Dougall, Redfield PTO President

- previously served by another company -

“My favorite part of the program was seeing the kids’ faces light up when they saw the Apex team. I love that the Apex Team can call everyone by name. They’re like celebrities on our campus. It was so fun to see them talking and interacting with kids. They did a great job of making kids feel important which is why we are here. They were even able to keep the attention of the upper grades. The Apex team was really prepared. The team was here early, in fact often earlier than the staff. It really seemed like the collection process went so smooth with Quick Collect this year.”

Hopi Elementary PTO

“Fantastic fundraiser and amazing organization! By far, the highest grossing fundraiser we have ever done.”

Christine Haas, Event Services Director at Noah Webster Pima

“This year with the Apex Team was amazing and way better than last year! We can’t wait for next year!”

Lindsey Buckner, Redfield Teacher

- previously served by another company -

“We really did enjoy watching the Apex Team connect with the students. There was real human interaction there. Apex really earns their money. By day two I could absolutely tell that you’re not just paying for the run, you’re paying for the leadership skills, and connecting to the students.”

PTO Board, Sunset Heights

“Apex has an amazing program for school fundraisers! This is our third year using Apex and the teachers, students and parents are excited for another successful run. Apex staff really motivate the students and make the run easy for a PTO to execute. It is an all-inclusive, entire school fundraiser that the kids love! The parents and teachers like the fitness aspect and positive lessons being taught in the program. I highly recommend an Apex fundraiser to raise funds and bring your community together!”

Gina Leuer, St. Theresa Catholic School PTO

- previously did their own run and increased profit by $10K with Apex -